Big Data Analytics and Visualization

network2According to Gartner Research, “big data” is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

Data Science As a Service

Big data visualization and data science efforts must complement each other to continuously refine analytics approach. If you are short on data scientists, our Professional Services division can help you with analyzing the data you have, which typically includes the following:

Anomaly Detection
While this typically includes applying a variety of anomaly detection algorithms to the data, data visualization combines the power of human neural network with the visualized data to find patterns and anomalies that are hard to spot by machine algorithms. We can tune algorithmic approach to spot most anomalies at the expense of generating false positives, with human check done with the help of visualization.

Patterns and Trends
Big data analysis can be used not only to get insights about the past, but also to make predictions. We use a combination of statistical tools to develop data models that calculate the likelihood of future events based on past events. Combined with data visualization, techniques,

Validating data acquisition
Searching for missing data in spatial and temporal domains. It is critical to have the right incoming data so that further visualization and analytics produce real, not imaginary (or false) insight. With modern batch and streaming technologies implemented over several layers of communication and storage, the data can be missing for periods of time, or can be dropped randomly but consistently. Aggregation over multiple sources of data can frequently mean that individual data sources can be missing at times for multidimensional data. We can easily perform a one-time check of your data, or put a place an anomaly detection specifically tuned to react to missing data.

Interactive Data Visualization

Cambrian explosion of data. The first wave of the big data was to record everything humans are doing — from web clicks to location data to human-generated traffic. Are you ready for the second wave of the data produced by machines, for machines? Home and enterprise security cameras, sensors, appliances, all joining online and start communicating to their APIs and between each other. How do we make sense of this tsunami of data?

Aligned Research Group developed an interactive data visualization engine, allowing viewing aggregated and raw high-dimensional data in the way humans have been analyzing the data for millenniums — visually.

Technology Implementation
Aligned Research Group can also help you implement the technology to allow the analytics you need, from batch-processing to real time streaming analytics.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and what Aligned Research Group can do for you. Please contact us with details of your project.