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Aligned Research Group was founded to help companies develop and bring to market innovative products faster by complementing in-house software R&D, delivering exceptional value, fast. Our software engineers and computer scientists are never bored — every client engagement is a unique opportunity to apply the skills and years of experience in algorithm development and optimization, big data, real-time analytics, computer vision and machine learning.

Our functional areas of expertise include:

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Computer Vision

eyeIncreasing sophistication of robots in all corners of our society led to the explosion of scientific research in this area. Practical implementation of computer vision was achieved only by the established corporations, such as Google, Tesla, and others. However, applications of augmented reality, object tracking and recognition, stereo vision, feature extraction, pattern recognition has been exploding in media storage, retrieval and search, robotics and toys, and many other areas.

Aligned Research Group scientists and engineers have worked with a variety of customers to bring advanced computer vision capabilities that rival that of industry leaders.

Major areas of expertise include stereo vision, object tracking and image pre- and post-processing.

The services include selecting the right hardware implementation for your project, choosing appropriate software algorithm and optimizing the full hardware/software stack for latency or energy consumption.

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Image and Video Processing

glasses-bwImage creating and sharing continues to rise rapidly in the whole world and demands new approaches in image processing. Huge amount of different types of devices (cams, lenses) leads to situation when there are no single solutions even for the same tasks (distortion, denoising and etc.). Aligned Research team uses advanced technology and algorithms to process image data fast and within appropriate quality metrics. Our primary interest is in reinforcement of math methods of image analysis for solutions in augmented reality, computer vision, pattern recognition, image preprocessing and correction, automatic 3D reconstruction from multiple images.

Advantages of Aligned Research Group technology are as follows:

We use a combination of in-house algorithms and improved open source libraries. Aligned Research Group scientists and engineers continuously work on improving the quality of our algorithms, as well on porting and optimizing them. For real-time applications, we ported the most time-consuming algorithms to utilize NVIDIA GPU and Intel Phi.

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High Performance Computing

More data, less time. The time to process the data gets progressively smaller as the business requires more agility and real-time processing. We bridge this gap by developing novel computational methods and when it is not enough, utilize the power of massively parallel architecture of modern hardware.

With its streamlined architecture, GPUs are often cheaper per TFLOP of performance that CPUs with traditional, general-purpose architecture. Lack of legacy support requirements accelerated the speed of GPU time to market, and the speed of GPUs has doubled in speed about each year, exceeding the pace of traditional CPUs. This GPU advantage comes with a cost, though. The memory system works differently than in a standard computer, and taking advantage of thousands of cores on a single chip requires careful timing of individual tasks for GPU utilization to be closer to 100%.

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Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Visualization

network2Cambrian explosion of data. The first wave of the big data was to record everything humans are doing — from web clicks to location data to human-generated traffic. Are you ready for the second wave of the data produced by machines, for machines? Home and enterprise security cameras, sensors, appliances, all joining online and start communicating to their APIs and between each other. How do we make sense of this tsunami of data?

Big data visualization and data science efforts must complement each other to continuously refine analytics approach. If you are short on data scientists, our Professional Services division can help you with analyzing the data you have and suggest the right professionals for your project. This typically includes:

  • anomaly detection
  • discovering patterns and trends
  • validating data acquisition
  • big data visualization

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